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A visual style manager for fanatic Windows XP users
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NeoTheme is a little application created by unknown12, an active user of the Neowin Community. Since 2005 he has been working on a personal project, the main goal of which is to provide a simple and useful software for the Windows users who enjoy downloading and installing Windows XP visual themes. Supposing you are one of them, with this program you can install visual styles as well as shell styles, and after the installation you can manage (apply / delete) them from within a list.

As long as I have researched the application lacks some features, often requested by users, like the handling of compressed theme packs (zip, rar, exe) and a preview screen BEFORE actually applying the theme. You will find also some typos through the three tabs of the program user interface. But that's definitely not a strong issue, if you want.

But after playing around this program for a while, I discovered that some bugs are still present, and the project has no activity since last year. Moreover, sometimes the program made a real mess with my installed styles, that's why I don't recommend to use it.

Review summary


  • The interface is quite understandable


  • Most of times it makes a mess with the styles
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